Dear Westview Family,

My name is Natalie Hayes and I am excited to introduce myself as the academic principal for Westview Cambodian International School. I am honored to have been selected by the board of Westview to lead a school, which is known for its high standards of academic achievement and its dedication to global citizenship, into further growth and success.

Over the past 11 years I have worked as an educator in schools within Cambodia and in the UK. I am a certified teacher from my home country and have a strong passion for quality education and positive leadership in schools.

Natalie Jane Hayes

To me, the most important part of educating young minds, is instilling a love of learning through respecting each individual student as a leader with their own valuable thoughts, ideas and passions. My philosophy is to empower students with choice and learning opportunities that allow them to explore their own personal interests and see the value and importance of all of their academic and elective subjects, through real world learning experiences.

My goal as the academic principal is to ensure that all of our students at Westview are healthy, happy and safe, while they encounter a wide range of diverse and engaging learning opportunities that will ignite their natural curiosity to learn about themselves and the world around them.

As a leader, I believe firmly that there is always room for growth, which is why I am dedicated to leadership practices that encourage both our students and staff to reflect effectively and often on their strengths and opportunities for improvement. This is done through offering continuous opportunities for both students and staff to hone their skills, knowledge and understanding, reflect on their ongoing growth and improvements, and provide the space and time to apply their new skills, knowledge and understanding to new situations.

Once again, I am so thankful to be a part of the Westview family and I look forward to working with each of you to assist in the ongoing growth of your children.

Your sincerely,

Natalie Jane Hayes