Welcome to Westview Cambodian International School, located at one of the most developing areas of beautiful Phnom Penh!  I am proud to be part of this leadership team to help educate and push forward the youth of this wonderful country!  Our leadership team strives to prepare our students for the world challenges that await them when they graduate.  But I assure you, our students will leave well prepared.  They will be taught to be responsible global citizens by gaining the knowledge, the understanding, the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow them to be successful in whichever endeavor they choose to follow.  There are several reasons why Westview Cambodian International School is the right choice for your family.

Why Choose Us?

Parents choose Westview Cambodian International School because of their trust in the same leadership team who have operated Learning Jungle International School during these past 5 years of existence in Cambodia. They know that their child will be well educated to the highest educational standards available.


Westview has dedicated and certified international staff from the United States and Canada to lead the students on their paths to success.  Parents feel a great sense of pride and belonging within our school community.  Our personalized service gives the parents the confidence that their child is in good hands.  We provide a safe, loving, and caring environment for all of our students.  The instructional days are organized and structured so that teachers provide the most efficient and engaging lessons every day.  Our classrooms offer contemporary technology that include SMART internet televisions, desktop computers, and Wi-Fi service throughout the whole building. Westview Cambodian International School is the place your child can grow and become successful young adults in the 21st century globalized world community.

Westview uses the American Common Core Curriculum Standards to facilitate all international instructional learning.  By using this curriculum, parents are guaranteed that their child will receive the most up to date and world-class innovative teaching methodologies currently being used in the education field.  Students are given many opportunities to collaborate together on inquiry based and investigative projects built on real-world problems. In addition to the international instruction and curriculum, we incorporate the Khmer language and culture into our program to make sure that every student graduates from Westview with global competencies along with local knowledge and culture for their future endeavors. Regular rigorous assessments and progress monitoring of our students allow the teachers to give that extra personalized support when needed.

Students will not only be focusing on academics, but other important aspects of life as well.  Our extra-curricular activities will include opportunities for students to develop their skills in art, sports, and music.  Other activities will include local charity work and field trips to further their educational experiences and problem solving skills.  Westview Cambodian International School believes in producing a well-rounded education for your child.  We take parental involvement seriously and are strong advocates that the best education not only involves the school community of teachers and administrators, but the parents as well.  Our lines of communication are always open and we look to continually improve the quality of service to your family.  Please check frequently our updates on our website and social media sites.  Don’t hesitate to contact our school to ask any questions regarding any of the programs that we offer.

We look forward to working with your family soon!

Melissa Ream, MS. Instruction and Curriculum and certified teacher from USA

Academic Principal

Westview Cambodian International School