Westview Cambodian International School’s Second Campus:

In response to the tremendous support from parents and the continued growing demand for quality international secondary education, the leadership team of Westview Cambodian International School has planned the construction of another new and bigger campus, located next to Borey Arata Garden Residences and only 5 minutes away from Aeon Mall II (Sen Sok City).

Built on more than 10,000 square meters of land, Westview’s new campus can accommodate more than 1000 students and will have a modern design with well-equipped, cutting edge facilities to meet the requirements of a rigorous curriculum and extra curricular activities.  The campus will be a place where students can feel safe, welcomed, and relaxed so that they can continue to develop and grow into responsible global citizens.

The building of this new campus in the near future is another example of the strong commitment from the Westview Leadership team to keep improving the teaching facilities and the quality of teaching for its students.  They want to ensure that Westview Cambodian International School stays among the top international schools in the region.